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What is Ven Pou Ven?

“Ven pou ven,” in Haitian Kréyòl, translates to: “twenty for twenty.” This campaign taking place until December 2020 invites you to contribute $20 towards our $20 million goal to establish an endowment fund for Ayiti (Haiti).

How will the funds be used?

The funds collected during the campaign and beyond are used to build an endowment fund. The principle of $20 million will be invested using the endowment model and the proceeds from those investment yields will fund registered community organizations in Ayiti that have demonstrated or have the potential for significant social impact.

What is an endowment?

A financial endowment is when money or assets are contributed to a fund and uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose. Endowments are structured, so that the principal amount is kept intact, while the investment yields are made available for grant making.  

What is the impact of this campaign and who does it benefit?

We believe that in order to make a difference, energy must be invested in Ayiti’s assets. While that might sound simple enough, achieving this goal requires identifying, vetting and investing in high-impact and high-potential organizations that can deliver results. Our responsibility is to ensure sustained funding for projects that can measurably improve outcomes in our key focus areas of: the environment, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.


Will the financials be published?

Yes, A.C.T.’s annual financial statements can be found on its official website by clicking the link below.

–       A.C.T. Financial Statements 


What type of projects does A.C.T. support?

A.C.T. will award grants to projects or programs that demonstrate meaningful and measurable impact at the intersection of three areas: environment, civic education, and entrepreneurship.

Why now, and what makes this different from other foundations?

Ayiti and its children have given so much to the world. Now is the time to pay those sacrifices forward. We are a group of Haitians living in Ayiti and abroad who are building Ayiti’s first endowed foundation to lead the efforts being made in Ayiti. Our focus is high-impact organizations in Ayiti, being led by Haitians, and advancing the needs and objectives of Haitians.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Whether you choose to pledge $20 over the next 12- months or choose to make a one-time payment, you are able to customize payment options by clicking on the “Invest” button and following the simple instructions.

How do I get involved?

We are stronger together and with such a paramount goal we encourage you to reach out to your state representative to find out how you can be a part of a fundraising team. Your feedback is also important  to us, so send us some constructive thoughts on we can best engage you and your community.

Why does A.C.T. use Ayiti instead of Haiti?

We are a group of leaders who are ready to reclaim ownership of our narrative, concepts, and history.


Raised so far!

Together, let’s build our way to $20 million.

Make a contribution today!

The Ayiti Community Trust (ACT) is the country’s first endowed fund, building on Haiti’s assets and driven by Haitians’ local needs while providing resources for sustainable solutions. ACT is registered in Haiti and operates as a grant-making community foundation.


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